Enjoy a sweet exfoliating massage with thousands of pieces of chocolate, surrounding the skin. It intense cocoa aroma enhances the animus and welfare.  Sweet pleasure that also makes the skin look even, smooth and free of impurities, while reaching a pleasant state of relaxation through the benefits of massage.
(Time: 25 minutes. Price: 40 €)

The privileges of a luxurious exfoliation with pearl powder essence encapsulated in thousands of crystalline micro-sponges to exfoliate and moisturize the skin so incredibly glamorous and sophisticated. The skin looks radiant, soft and moisturized.
(Time: 25 minutes. Price: 50 €)

Enjoy an exotic and different exfoliation with a product that contains a fusion of different species of the world as poppy seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon,..., enriched with essential oils of cardamom, rice, sweet almond ... to achieve a radiant and beautiful skin.
(Time: 25 minutes. Price: 40 €)

+ IVA not included

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Romantic experience 2 nights

by Germaine de Capuccini Enjoy a great experience for 2 people by Hotel Ferrero and Germaine de Capuccini. It’s a romantic...
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